Most Recent Projects

2009: Yanbu Refinery Energy De-Bottlenecking Study, Saudi Aramco

2010: Wasit Gas Plant DEA, Saudi Aramco

2010: Qatif GOSP Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System Optimization, Saudi Aramco

2011: Ras Tanura Refinery Clean Fuel Project Energy Review, Saudi Aramco

2012: Hawiyah Gas Plant DEA, Saudi Aramco

2012: Uthmaniya Gas Plant & NGL DEA, Saudi Aramco

2013:  Fired Heaters Efficiency Monitoring System, Saudi Aramco

2013: SAFCO Train 4 CHP Optimization, SABIC

2013: Safaniya Cogeneration Mega Project Configuration Optimization, Saudi Aramco

2013: Safaniya Onshore GOSP DEA, Saudi Aramco

2014: Compressors Efficiency Monitoring System, Saudi Aramco

2014: Jazan Integrated Gasification & Combined Cycle (JIGCC) Project Energy Review, Eni Saipem

2014: Ain Dar GOSP-I DEA, Saudi Aramco

2015: Haradh GOSP-2 DEA, Saudi Aramco

2015: Dhahran Bulk Plant DEA, Saudi Aramco

2015: RT Terminal North DEA, Saudi Aramco

2015: E/W Pipeline – Pump Station #1 DEA, Saudi Aramco

2015: LNG 3 CHP Optimization, ADGAS/ADNOC

2016: E/W Pipeline Capacity Upgrade, Saudi Aramco

2016: Energy Intensity Study, Petro Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical Complex (PRC)

2017: Pumping Systems Optimization & Driver Selection for Abqaiq Water Injection System, JACOBS ZATE

2017: Energy Management System Implementation Program for Suez Oil Processing Company, JACOBS

2017: Conceptual Evaluation of ORC & Hot Oil Loop Heat Recovery in New Refineries, Saudi Aramco

2017: Energy Optimization Study for Berri Crude Increment Project, SNC Lavalin


In the field of Petrochemicals, GAPTECH has a good experience with Sabic/SAFCO and PetroRabigh leading petrochemicals manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. Due to the unique nature of these plants, customized steam system optimization was developed for optimizing the steam reserve philosophy for optimum utilization of the existing equipment as well as maintaining the operational flexibility.

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